Unilamp Mini Argos 3

Mini Argos 3 wall up/down Light
Robust and rectangular in appearance offer multi direction of light. Argos can illuminate both top and bottom at the same time or single vertical direction of either top or bottom. This is a wall light with simple geometric shape, which suitable for faade application thereof. Argos via precise manufactured achieve reliable IP 65. 

unilamp inox dot

Inox DOT round
DOT family is a range of small recessed wall luminaires with LED and halogen light sources. The glare-free cover enables DOT to be installed where glare-free comfortable illumination is required. DOT is available in 5 different models with interchangeable front covers in both square and round shapes. 

Unilamp Seven

Angular designed bollard installed with LG Electronic LED and manufactured with corrosion resistant extruded aluminium. SE7EN is architectural when off but simply better own. No visible screws, no light spill over the horizontal, pre wired cable with IP68 connection and IP66 lamp compartment SE7EN ticks all the construction boxes. It can be installed in walkways, parks, commercial areas and open spaces. It provides directional illumination for any architectural environ as well as being an eye-catching object.

unilamp mini quark square

Mini QUARK Square
A new range of QUARK in-ground uplighter in smaller size with shallow housing for minimum recess depth. Mini QUARK can be walkover and is able to withstand loads up to 1000KgS.

unilamp ayers four opening

AYERS Four-Opening
AYERS buried ground washer luminaires provide the users a low glare multi direction light distribution. The luminaire is able to withstand drive over applications at low speeds through the robust high strength aluminium cover and GFR polymer recess housing. The high quality optical glass allows high lumens output in a low silhouette fixture. 

Unilamp Telescope Spike

TELESCOPE is a low glare long shoot ground mount or wall mount spotlight with strong base for permanent installation and with an earth spike for temporary use. Its distinctive lamp compartment with trunk limits the undesired light spill and available choice of 5 colours. TELESCOPE is fitted with COB LED with high CRI in 3000K or 4000K colour temperature with good color consistency. The choice of beam angles are narrow, medium and wide. 

unilamp long i brick 2

Long I-BRICK/2
I-BRICK is a range of wall recessed luminaires with LED and compact fluorescent light source. The glare-free cover enable I-BRICK to be installed in most places where a comfortable illumination is needed. BRICK family is available in 5 different front cover in 2 sizes. 

unilamp luna ramp

LUNA is a recessed luminaires utilizing LED, compact fluorescent and incandescent lamp sources. The glare-free cover version enable LUNA to be installed in situation where comfortable low-level illumination is a requirement. LUNA is available in 4 different front cover. The shallow housing can be installed in either wall or step where recess depth is limited.

unilamp mini sonic gear

The SONIC family of spot and floodlight are available as ground or wall mount with outrigger arms setting, extended standing form, pole clamp, and wall clamp setting, indirect pole and wall light. There are also a wide range of accessories available: spreader lens, glare shield unit, tree strap, earth spike and anchor bolt kit. Available in 3 sizes with a choice of 5 colours. Sonic is operated with halogen, compact fluorescent, metal halide lamp and High power LED. 

Unilamp Mini Dados Square 1

Mini DADOS Square 1 Wall Downlight
DADOS an energy saving cube-shaped compact LED wall light which can be used in both outdoor and indoor environments. With its robust LM6 aluminium construction and clear tempered glass cover, it protects the luminaire from dust and water and possible harmful impact. It provides visual guidance in the architectural environment as well as being glare free eye catching object. 

unilamp double fuji flat bollard

FUJI is available as a shielded wall, pillar top and bollard. It gives symmetrical light distribution surfaces. FUJI can be operated with compact fluorescent, HD lamps, LED. The reflectors supress glare from the lamp and direct light downward onto the ground or illuminated surface. It is generally installed in a walkways, parks, commercial area and open spaces. It provide general lighting in the architectural environment where light pollution has to be controlled. 

unilamp hexahedron

Built with versatility in mind HEXAHEDRON a design element for urban illumination.  Dual purpose low level bollard, table or chair this luminaire is built to be strong. Robust aluminium construction allows for HEXAHEDRON  to be used in areas of high vandalism with surely that it will outlast those endeavouring to damage it from. 

unilamp graviton round in ground uplighter

GRAVITON Round in-ground Uplighter
GRAVITON is designed for all kind of uplight illumination tasks where high level of illumination is needed. It is able to withstand loads up to 1000KG. It is supplied with post-cured silicone gasket and pre-wired IP67 anti-condensation kit. GRAVITON is available with COB LED light source with choices of beam and color temperature.

unilamp zet 1 frost

ZET-1 Frost
ZET is a walk-over in ground uplighter with an adjustable optic unit. It can be used with halogen lamp, metal halide lamp and LED. The anti-condensation kit is factory fitted and equipped within the luminaire to ensure humidity cannot penetrate into the luminaire. ZET is commonly used to highlight small architectural works, wall structures, low ceiling and columns. 

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