Tonone Bolt Floor Double Arm

Bolt Floor Double Arm
Relax. It's just a lamp

Starting point for the products of Tonone is the passion for traditional mechanics. The first product line that resulted from this fascination is lamp series ‘Bolt’. Key element in this industrial series is the joint construction that can be adjusted with a wingnut-shaped tool. Besides being a functional tool, this wingnut is integrated in the design of the lamp itself as a distinctive visual element.

The Bolt collection is available in 18 different models and in 8 colors.

Tonone Ella


A hand-blown glass shade is supported by a sturdy steel tripod stand, underlining it's strong, graphic yet elegant and light character. Both the transparent and the neutral grey shades provide a soft glow, and work harmoniously with the black or white stand colors and brass details.

Tonone Bolt Wall

Bolt Wall

Tonone Orbit


For its products Tonone often finds inspiration in old or existing mechanical techniques. For the creation of lamp Orbit the design team looked at the techniques used in the sailing world. Just like a sailboat’s rigging that hold the mast in place, the Orbit lamp stands firmly because it is supported by three stays. In this way a large floor lamp is created, but without a massive appearance.

The self-designed LED light source, the shade inspired by navigating by the stars, and the fact that the lamp is shippable in a compact box, makes Orbit an elegant, unique and clever design.



Tonone Atlas


The combination of an aluminium or brass hinge mechanism with a transparent hand-blown glass shade creates a constructive lamp with a poetic character. By unfolding the hinge mechanism to an upright position, the glass shade is hold up while it rests on the construction.

Totone Bolt Table Standard

Bolt Table Standard


Mr. Tubes

Mr. Tubes is a sturdy lamp design that combines pure functionality with graphical aesthetics. The black-coated steel construction holds two (or four) Philips 30W/827 fluorescent tubes and gives the lamp an industrial look; a straightforward design suitable for various locations. The lamp is dimmable and the adjustable steel cables make it possible to hang the lamp at any height.

Tonone Chandelier


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