Slide Blos


Design by Karim Rashid

Blos is a rocking chair designed by Karim Rashid for Slide. Blos has got a round and wrap shape, and it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings: its colourful and fun design creates an unusual corner in gardens or in living rooms. Thanks to its peculiarity, Blos is suitable for gameful and contemporary furniture in domestic areas, hall of hotels, restaurants and lounge bars. Blos is a low armchair made in polyethylene, with the technology of rotational moulding. It is available in standard, lacquered and luminous model.

Slide Atlas


Design by Giorgio Biscaro

Atlas is a colourful and playful bench, designed specifically to provide new, innovative, and unexpected seating solutions with a strong personality.

Slide King Of Love

King Of Love

Design by Moro e Pigatti

King of Love is a majestic floor lamp that gets the area it occupies. Graziano Moro and Renato Pigatti make richer the Design of Love collection with King of Love floor lamp: its stem reminds baroque style, while the three bright white luminous lampshades are embellished with a classic texture to obtain a sophisticated, elegant and pleasing decor.

Slide Low Lita Love Anniversary

Low Lita Love Anniversary
Special Edition 10th Anniversary

Design by Paola Navone

Slide proposes a special edition created by a unique production process.

Slide Acqua Globo

Acqua Globo

Design by Slide Studio

Acquaglobo is a floating lamp family: everyone has got a spherical shape, but in different dimensions. Suitable for outdoors and elegant events.

Slide Amore


Design by Giò Colonna Romano

Amore bench belongs to an unusual project with the lettering philosophy, made by Giò Colonna Romano: a word becomes a design element and materializes, becomes a product that can communicate a message. The seat has got the stylized shape of the word “Amore”, which means Love in Italian language. Amore represents the synthesis of the main characteristics of Slide production: love for the colours, for the original design and for unusual shapes.

Slide Sir Of Love

Sir Of Love

Design by Moro e Pigatti

With its royal and majestic presence, Sir of Love table turns every evening into a real black-tie event. Its four arched legs are rich in details, as the typical Italian baroque style, but it is made in polyethylene.

Slide Koncord


Design by Karim Rashid

Koncord is a versatile and ergonomic design stool, ideal to every kind of settings, as contract, domestic areas, gardens, terraces, lounge bars or kitchen. Created by the famous designer Karim Rashid, Koncord has got a slim silhouette, its design is sleek ant it is agile to shift. Thanks to its functionality and its comfort enhanced by the base to foot hole and its avant-gard design, Koncord has become a best seller of the whole Slide production soon.

Slide Gio Pouf

Gio Pouf

Design by Giò Colonna Romano

Giò Pouf is a “sharing” pouf, thanks to its huge dimensions and to the comfort of the big ecoleather soft cushion.

Slide Pivot


Design by Carlo Constantini

The floor lamp Pivot is a best seller of the whole Slide production, thanks to its simple but unforgettable design. Pivot is designed by Carlo Costantini and it is available in different dimensions. Its linear design is the result of the perfect mix between the conical shape of the base and the classic shape of the lampshade.

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