Simes Skill Wood

Skill Wood

Design by Matteo Thun

A non-recessed wall installation, SKILL WOOD represents a new concept of outdoor light fitting where aluminum is combined with the natural character of teak wood, assuring warmth and emotion. Eco sustainability, absence of glare and visual comfort make SKILL WOOD an extremely contemporary light fitting.

Simes Look Wood

Look Wood

Design by Matteo Thun

Rigorous design and natural elegance blend together to emphasize the surrounding architecture. LOOK WOOD, a luminous parallelepipedon designed around the latest generation LED source.

Simes Ghost


Design by Marc Sadler

The light blade comes from the concrete. When it’s off, it disappears. No artifice, just a cut in the concrete with brutal and magic inspiration.

Simes Continuous Line

Continuous Line

Walk over

CONTINUOUS LINE is a walk-over fitting designed to create paths of light with perfect uniformity and unlimited length. Extremely easy to install, this product can transform any space with class and refinement.

Simes Trim Horizontal

Trim Horizontal

Applique and bollard

Characterized by square and essential lines, Trim is a structured lighting piece, which is suitable for any type of context, whether classic or modern.

Simes Cool Square

Cool Square

Applique and bollard

Cool is one of the latest LED products from SIMES, engineered to maximize the LED performance, whilst minimizing the size and energy consumption.

Simes Brick Light-2

Brick Light

Design by Paolo Rizzatto

Brick Light camouflages itself with the brick texture not only by taking on the form and the dimensions of the brick, but also by adopting the same modes of handling, assembly and installation thanks to its characteristics of resistance and manageability. The restrained and basic archetype form allows a perfect integration in walls. It is endlessly declinable and talks together with the rhythm of the surfaces and appropriate lighting needs designed for integration with exposed brick surfaces.

Simes Smooth


Wall effect and pole mounted

Smooth is the summary of both technical and aesthetic expressions taken to the extreme.

Simes Nanoled Frame

Nanoled Stainless steel

Recessed mounted accent lighting

Nanoled Frame creates uniform light on the outer edge of windows, niches, openings changing them into striking luminous volumes.

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