LEDS-C4 Candle Triplex


Designed by Benedito Design

This reinterpretation of a classic candelabra with an LED light source has given rise to this delicately radiant luminaire. 

LEDS-C4 Tubs


Designed by Nahtrang Disseny

With its unique design, the geometry of its pyramid-shaped lines trap the light inside, delicately highlighting and creating order wherever it is used. 

LEDS-C4 Invisible


Designed by Francesc Vilaró

The simplicity of this collection makes it unique and gives it authenticity and an individual identity. The different positions for its arms and heads generate multiple compositions that convey a sense of almost complete weightlessness reminiscent of a mobile.

LEDS-C4 Play


Up to 40,000 possible combinations. Lenses allow optimum control of illumination with minimal residual halo.


LEDS-C4 Alive


Designed by Francesc Vilaró

Its timeless design is based on the bare minimum required for illumination; the light source. Its multiple configurations allow various lighting needs to be personalised and resolved. The high-quality frosted glass lampshade offers a silky, diffuse and warm light.

LEDS-C4 Hello


Designed by Josep Patsí

The sea and waves are the main source of inspiration. Its shapes and contrasts generate an intimate atmosphere through warm and comfortable light. Lending its personality to wherever it is installed and its visual comfort harmonises spaces with different styles.

LEDS-C4 Talk


Designed by Nahtrang Disseny

A sky full of bright points of light appears when the daylight fades. Its vibrancy and geometry establish a connection between these points by creating its own language. Its compositions range from the basic minimum to the infinite. Hanging vines that can be used to fill all types of spaces.

LEDS-C4 Bamboo


Designed by Gemma Bernal

Made from fine, natural and eco-friendly materials, such as bamboo, they integrate perfectly into both warm and architectural spaces. Given their size, they can be installed in large spaces to create low-cost, efficient lighting.

LEDS-C4 Rigatto


Designed by Gemma Bernal

With a more architectural finish, this luminaire offers various informal and varied points of light. Its warm design and timeless look mean it can be used individually or in groups at different heights to create asymmetrical and disorganised compositions.

LEDS-C4 Big Bang


Designed by Francesc Vilaró

This appealing wall lamp with LED technology is a sensory explosion of light. The indirect light generated by this luminaire is reflected onto gold-coloured metal creating a sensual halo of light that produces different effects by day or night.

LEDS-C4 Multidir


Cardan system for very easy alignment. Lens and reflector combination for optimum control of illumination and minimal residual halo. Adjustable light source.



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