Designer : Gabriele E Oscar Buratti
Pinecone is a pendant and table lamp mounting a blown glass diffuser, available in the glossy transparent or milky white acid-etched version.


Fontana Total Black
Designer : Max Ingrand
An exquisite object, almost entirely in white blown glass, composed of a round element that tapers slightly upward, surmounted by a truncated cone: the classic form of the abat-jour lamp that defined an era in lighting.


Designer : Franco Raggi
A glass cone holds a black chrome, brass or copper aluminium reflector, supported by three slender metal rods. Equilibrium and lightness for this suspension that emits a direct focused light. New copper, brass and black chrome finishing.


Designer : Claesson Koivisto Rune
In the shape of a small curved lunar disc, IO is a wall light with dual Led light emission. Elegant and minimalist, it is equipped with a mount with a dual rotating axis.


Designer : Andreas Engesvik
Blom is a small table lamp by Andreas Engesvik, a Norwegian designer who has made a name for himself on the international scene thanks to his ability to instil emotions, appeal and ideas into everyday objects. Taking up very little space, just 24 cm tall with a diameter of 15 cm, Blom is a light, fun lamp that is easy to pick up and move and suitable for any purpose.

FON- Bilia

Designer : Gio Ponti
Nothing more than a sphere, set in an apparently impossible feat of balance, upon a cone that serves as the base. One of Gio Ponti’s many compositional magic tricks. The counterbalancing of two elementary geometric forms results in an original, perfectly proportioned object. The light is diffused and valorized by the geometrical simplicity of the design. Originally in brushed nickel plate, Bilia is now also available with a brass cone and Led light source.


Designer : Gabriele E Oscar Buratti
Equatore is a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic lamp with a glass shade. While the traditional abat-jour uses the shade to contain the light source within, in this family of lamps the shade is paradoxically and suggestively empty, with the light being generated by two luminous discs placed inside a central metal band, visible on the shade,that evokes the line of the equator.


Designer : Gabriele E Oscar Buratti
Kanji is a family of lighting elements that reinterprets traditional Oriental portable lanterns in a contemporary key. Available in table top and ceiling models, it draws inspiration from Chinese porcelain from the Ming dynasty.


Designer : Ben Swildens
The egg: a natural form and timeless symbol of perfection, in which symmetry and asymmetry harmoniously coexist. Uovo is the subject of a sketch recovered in 1972 in the historical archives of FontanaArte, in which the ‘shell’ of the egg contained a light source: an ironic idea that still works today.


Designer : David Chipperfield
This spectacular lamp designed by David Chipperfield is inspired by those at the court of King Arthur.


Designer : Federico Peri
Hand-blown in four layers of glass, where the outer and the inner layers are of two different colors, it reads as white when turned off, then as amber once lit.


Designer : Claesson Koivisto Rune
Optunia is a family of lighting elements that comes in four variants for tabletop (with or without stem), floor, wall and suspension. Its functionality lies in the possibility of rotating the two discs that make up the nearly 360-degree head, opening up an extraordinary number of lighting combinations.


Designer : Front Design
Slender, elegant and extremely long legs give this floor lamp a sense of lightness, yet also of great stability. Like the ancient Greek tripod, a symbol of hospitality, the end of each support is fitted with a Led light source with different forms and functions: the longest leg has a sphere in white frosted glass that produces a diffused ambient light, while the other two have adjustable spotlights for a direct and concentrated light.


Designer : Karim Rashid
Apex is a wall lamp that is distinguished by its elegant, streamlined design and eye-shaped center. Each end of the lighting fi xture tapers off and almost disappears into its surroundings, while at the same time emitting a powerful, functional blade of light. Apex can be installed horizontally or vertically.

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