DCW-Here Comes The Sun

Here Comes The Sun
Designer : Bernard-Albin Gras
Alone or in constellation, the magic is here, like a young sun...


ISP Table
What is it ? A mystery ? An object from outer space ? From what period of history did it emerge? Which era ? Who could have invented such an object ? These are the first questions that spring to mind when you see the ISP lamp, the work of a young ‘engineer-artist’. He’s 30 years old. His name is Ilia Sergeevich Potemine.

DCW N° 205

N° 205
Designer : Bernard-Albin Gras
Perfect on a desk, a sideboard or a low-stable.

DCW-In The Tube

In The Tube
Designer : Ilia Sergeevich Potemine
A monumental chandelier to be positioned in a lobby, a restaurant... It is composed of six pieces of In The Tube 120-700 or of six pieces of In The Tube 120-1300, in any available finishes.

DCW- Mantis BS2

Mantis BS2
Designer : Bernard Schottlander
One very unique wall lamp and so elegant. Positioned over an armchair, a sofa, a table or a work plan, it sets up and occupies the space like no other, without imposing.

DCW N° 302

N° 302
Designer : Bernard-Albin Gras
Once again a light that is idiosyncratic but with its own character. Adjustable in its length, N°302 is highly convenient. This lamp gives ambiance, while over a work surface.



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