FCR- Cage

Its origin is "underground" in the true sense of the word: it is inspired by the lamps of miners and workers, protected by a metal cage, which becomes a decorative element in Cage. The contrast between the refined blown glass diffuser and the external cage is made even more surprising by the irregularities due to the handmade processing of steel.


It looks like something straight out of a 1920s convenience store or from a warehouse of work tools, but it also recalls the ziggurats, the sacred terraced step pyramids built in ancient Mesopotamia: Gask is a small suspension and wall lamp with a grand personality.


A diffuser in blown glass in soft, full form seemingly suspended from a delicate metal cage. This is Metafisica. Mysterious and charismatic even when it is switched off, it assumes yet more body and life when it is switched on to the extent that the diffuser appears to float in the air and flout the laws of gravity. Its warm, absorbing light is made still more sensual by the ivory tones of its blown glass, and the precious metal rod cage with a brown finish, matt and dusty, exudes golden highlights which emphasise the vintage look.


Tool is inspired by a reflex camera lens, whose shape it echoes, exalting the emotional charge of the phrase in the right light everything is amazing zoom 55-78”. The Tool collection emanates technological appeal in its raw form, in both its shapes and materials.

FCR- Pipe Mesh

Pipe Mesh
Their shape echoes factory pipes but they are covered with a black fabric which speaks the seductive, sophisticated language of fashion.

FCR-White Noise

White Noise
New and imposing, the White Noise suspension lamp exalts light in a graphic contrast treatment inspired by a luminous galaxy in cosmic space. Its large black aluminium dome is sprayed by hand inside with a dense white varnish in a craft process which produces a material texture and a simultaneously decorative and functional effect when it reflects light. White Noise is the first lamp in the Diesel Living collection with a LED light and a board developed specially by Foscarini.


The Fork lampshade is a steel fork with a diffuser inspired by casual fashion and an informal, playful lifestyle. The light inside the diffuser illuminates its patchwork structure, the texture of the canvas and its jeans-style visible stitching creating an effect which is rather like switching on a light inside a tent. Nothing in Fork is left to chance.


Smash is eye-catching at first glance thanks to its unprecedented shape that recalls a squashed bell: this visual effect has a strong industrial identity, which is emphasised by the special exterior finish and by the curled metal used to create the characteristic rim of the diffuser. Its special shape gives rise to various games involving perspective, depending on the position of both the observer and the lamp. Smash is available in two colours: rust, which recalls industrial settings, and grey, with a versatile and contemporary personality.

FCR-Drum Box

Drum Box
Freely inspired by the lamps used on photo sets, Drum box is pure versatility and technology with a fashionable twist. Its materials come from the world of technical clothing: highly reflective treated linen teamed up with rip stop superlight weight polyester with heat-sealed seems like those on diving wetsuits.

FCR- Rock

Rock is like volcanic stone which breaks apart to reveal a jewel within. Mysterious and rough outside, bright and iridescent inside, it is shot through with asymmetrical facets and reflects light rays like a crystal. To the black and white versions, with their pale and iridescent interior, a warm and bright gold finish has been added with sunnier shades warming the inside too.

FCR-Duii Mini

Duii Mini
Duii is original and fun right from its name which is inspired by one of Donald Duck's nephews. Its hinged arm, held together with wing screws like blocks in a building game, supports a rounded body which in turn brings a multitude of memories and inspirations to mind.


Pylon was named after the metal base, with its embossed textured finish, inspired by the vision of an electric framework in an industrial landscape.

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