Nemo Alya

Light pendant LED lamp with diffused lighting, with 70% uplight and 30% downlight output. Arms in extruded aluminium, central body in die-casted aluminium.

Nemo Lampe de marseille

Lampe De Marseille
Designed by Le Corbusier for the Unité d’Habitation of Marseille in 1949/1952, it is an adjustable wall lamp with two joints on the arm and a rotating wall fixing. Direct and indirect lighting output.

Nemo Ellisse Pendant Double

Ellisse Pendant Double
LED pendant lamp, available in three versions: major, minor and double, widespread direct or indirect lighting. Extruded aluminium, matt white, matt black painted, polished or glossy gold anodized.

Nemo Crown Major

Crown Major
Loop: in his art, M.C.Escher played with the illusion of never-ending connections. Inspired by his artwork, we designed a simple surface, which seems to change the direction in itself. Magic!

Nemo In the wind

In The Wind
In The Wind is an attempt of finding a new way, interest or answer for a lighting object based on the contemporary development of LED technology.

Nemo Kepler

Pendant lamp in epoxy-coated aluminium, in matt white or black. Available in uplight and downlight versions for widespread and comfortable lighting.

Nemo Linescape System

Linescapes System
The approach to high performance diffused direct and indirect lighting. The singular modules are connected by quick moulded ABS connectors, which enable rapid jack installation and a 360° rotation.

Nemo Nuvola pendant

Nuvola Pendant
Mario Bellini pioneered the modern trend in illuminating objects made of plastic. With great insight and creativity he designed a floating mass of light that is capable of shedding light effectively yet unobtrusively.

Nemo Projecteur 165

Projecteur  165
Our eyes are made to see forms in light; light and shade reveal these forms; cubes, cones, spheres, cylinders or pyramids are the great primary forms which light reveals to advantage; the image of these is distinct and tangible within us without ambiguity.

Nemo Spigolo pendant vertical

Floor, wall/ceiling and pendant lamps based on an extruded and tubular aluminium structure, connected with moulded ABS joints, with white or black painted finish. Thanks to the joints, enabling the profiles to house LED sources, one can rotate 360° in order to produce a directional direct or indirect lighting, screened by an opaline diffuser in polycarbonate.

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