Kera Kiiruna

When designing the Kiiruna light, Elizabeth Salonen was inspired by the mighty scenery of the North. Kiiruna’s stepped form brings to mind the snow covered artic mountains. As snow reflects light and makes the surroundings seem brighter on a dark winter day, so does the brisk, beautiful Kiiruna illuminate the space.

Kera Diamond

Produced in opal white acryl, Diamond is both a modern light and an impressive interior element. The bright half level reflects the sparkle of a diamond. A fine complex can be achieved by hanging different sized Diamond lights to a group.

Kera Siluette

Siluette hanging light, designed by Heikki Turunen in 1969 consists of a clear, half-round acrylic dome and a reflecting surface that has been powder painted white and lathed in aluminum. The reflecting surfaces inside the dome appear like a sophisticated silhouette, as the light brings out the reflecting surface’s beautiful arches. Because of its form, Siluette gives maximal light directly and indirectly through its reflecting surfaces.

Kera Comet FL

Comet Floor
Glossy white acrylic globe, standing on powder coated steel tripod is subtly elegant, delivering an asymmetrical area of bright light while leaving behind a trail of weaker light rays.

Kera Leonardo

Leonardo light represents acrylic materials best attributes. The symmetry of size, form and transparent color gives Leonardo a character that doesn’t despise other eras or styles. It elegantly unites the environment to the light circle it created.

Kera New York

New York
New York table light is one of Orno’s earliest acrylic lights that has become widely renowned. Its name originates from the fact that year 1959 it was chosen to New York’s Modern Arts Museum collection. This light represents very linear beauty with its clear acryl pipe and opal hat.

Kera Kalla

Kalla hanging light in delicate white captures the exquisiteness of its namesake flower, the Calla Lily. The trumpet look of this translucent acrylic lamp by Kera Interior is a hint of exotic mixed with mischief. A playful way to light up an alcove, modern island tops or cosy window seating.

Kera Sky Flyer

Sky Flyer® Ø50
The timeless form and the sophisticated light of the white acrylic material have made Sky Flyer a Finnish national interior item that can be given as an inheritance to the children.  The lamp was awarded the debut year 1959 at the Milan Triennale. In the beginning it was called ‘Flying saucher’, wence the today Sky Flyer-name is derived. Sky Flyer™ is now the widely registered trademark of this original lamp.

Kera Lisabell

Elizabeth Salonen’s playful Lisabell dresses gladly in transparent colors and lights the whole environment with its cheerful character. In white it’s an elegant interior element, available in variety of colors it is a joyful spot of the space. Several Lisabell lights in a group make an impressive complex.

Kera Luoto

Luoto's form originates from a cliff emerging out of the water surface and of ripples that reflect the water when a wave beats a rock. White shining Luoto is an eye catcher. Its diameter is 660 mm and height 170 mm.


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