Product Name: CHAPEAU
Designer: Nigel Coates
Model: SLM-ATL14-TAV0000F
Material: Metallized-Mirror Polycarbonate
Lamp: 1 x 100W E14
Size: W 420mm X L 420mm X H 480mm

A strong and braking the rules personality for this new collection signed by Nigel Coates. The rounded lines typical of his pencil, are clearly marked on this product creating a shade of biting and solid lines. The interior mirror, surrounded by a layer of matte black, ensures excellent effects of refraction, both down that up to the ceiling. On the floor and table versions, the bended metal bar ads character to the product, giving both light and movement. Chapeau Collection sees transposed on itself all latest news in architecture of the twenty-first century, representing a new key element in contemporary design.