Product Name: TOOL LARGE
Model: FCR-LI0971-20E
Material: Silicone
Lamp: Halogen lamp 1x60W G9
Size: ø 13 cm x H 11 cm - Canopy : ø 9 cm - Cable : L max 200 cm

Tool lights up the rough vintage environment of factories and workshops, with shapes and materials derived from the pull of technology in its raw state. In fact, this lamp has been designed with a single rubber body, its form reminiscent of a foundry mould or a piece of engineering straight from the lathe. Transmitted is the impression of an object fresh off the assembly line and destined for a home environment unafraid to break with design and aesthetic conventions. The hanging lamp has two versions, large and small. The smaller gives life to reading and table versions, with rough concrete base and support obtained from a black-painted metallic stem. Light emitted by all models is focused and direct, a true lighting tool, just as the name says.